Paul’s Postcard from the seaside

Some of our architectural team from Conran & Partners are lucky enough to be based in our Brighton office and not have to squash into a crowd of black clad commuters in the bowels of London Bridge station every morning like the rest of us. Now there’s a place we would like to redesign.

Paul Zara is one lucky such soul and a Director at that. He’s our correspondent from Conran & Partners and he’ll be keeping us up to date with all the happenings at ‘C&P’.

Our Architects and Interior designers have had a busy 12 months what with Boundary opening and new restaurants Lutyens and Hix wowing the Fleet Street crowd and the Selfridges shoppers respectively. But behind the scenes there are a whole host of other projects that are keeping us busy…

Here’s what Paul has to say in his first postcard from the South Coast…

The architects and interior designers at Conran & Partners are working on some amazing projects, and in a world full of gloom there are some signs of growth that can only make you optimistic.
Green Man Lane is a massive estate regeneration project bringing high quality design to over 700 new homes, affordable, shared ownership and private sale.  We are transforming West Ealing just as we did at Butlers Wharf twenty years ago.  Move there now!
We are also designing two new pavilion buildings on the waterfront in Greenwich, ready for the Olympics,
And sexy private houses like this one in Sussex (photos by Jim Stephenson, one of the Brighton possee), and another private house in the beach in Hove right next door to David Walliams, Heather Mills and Fat Boy Slim/Zoë Ball (too secret for pics).

Meanwhile over in Japan Richard Doone is still overseeing the massive Futako Tamagawa project in Tokyo.  It’s one of the world’s largest construction projects so we should be really proud.

More on that next week.

Not just any architecture, this is Conran architecture


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