…more about us

We are lucky enough to work in one of London’s most historic districts.

All around us the names of buildings (Vanilla Court, Wheat Wharf, The Clove Building) pay testament to the thriving industries that made Britain great and transformed London into the unrivalled city of commerce and culture it is today.

We are passionate about Britain and British Design.

Terence is featured in the ‘Backing Young Britain’ campaign

Everyone knows: never make an enemy of a receptionist.

These two are the gatekeepers to CONRAN – beware any cold callers – we aren’t looking to change our cleaning contract and we certainly aren’t the ambulance service.

Be nice – they are!

(The proliferation of conran blue is not a uniform requirement – just a happy accident on this occasion)

Next week: Izzie’s top 5 bizarre reception incidents. There really are more than you would think…



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